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Delivery time means fun-time!


Here is what to expect on the day we deliver your new ride.

You found a perfect new vehicle and you’ve made the decision to buy through Deliver My Ride. Thank you and congratulations! You made a wise choice. We want to do everything we can to make sure that you have the best experience possible. To help, we’ve put together a list of information about what to do, and the things you will need to have on hand in order to make the transaction go smoothly on the day your new vehicle is arrives.

Step 1: Scheduling

A dealership representative will contact you for any documentation needed to draw up your paperwork and determine a convenient time to drop off your car.

  • Of course, you’re welcome to visit the dealership for delivery instead
  • Some dealerships may require in-store delivery depending on the situation

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Step 2: Documentation

Required documentation for title and registration are:

  • A copy of your valid driver’s license issued from the state where your new vehicle will be registered
  • Vehicle insurance covering the new car

To obtain insurance contact your insurance agent with the following:

  • VIN (you will be given this number by the dealer)
  • Purchase option you chose (Cash, finance or lease)
  • Finance company name and address
  • Current registration if transferring your license plate
  • If registration has been lost a photo of your license plate will do
  • Plates being transferred must be in your name
  • Registration will determine plate ownership

Payment instructions

  • Credit card number • Certified check
  • Cash
  • Any amount close to $10,000 must be reported to the government

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Step 3: Test Drive

When your car arrives, before you sign any paperwork:

  • Inspect the vehicle for any damage, inside and out
  • Verify that it has the equipment you requested
  • Drive the vehicle around the block and down the street for 15-20 minutes so you know it’s truly the best choice for you
  • Ask the delivery person to explain the technology

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Step 4: Sign & Buy

Once you are sure everything is in order:

  • Sign the paperwork and we’ll be on our way
  • Enjoy your new car
  • If you’re unhappy for any reason, you don’t have to sign. We’ll take the car back and put it on our lot – no questions asked.

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Frequently Asked Questions
    What is Deliver My Ride?
    We are the new way to buy or lease a dealership owned vehicle. With technology, there is no need to invest your valuable time driving around to find the right car. Our platform provides transparency into dealership inventory, pricing, and incentives from all brands by multiple dealers. Our site if full of useful tools for you to customize your vehicle and your deal entirely online, on your own time.
    How much does Deliver My Ride Cost?
    Zero. We do not charge customers to use our site to buy a car. We charge the dealer. Because we are technically selling the car, not a salesperson, the dealer pays us a small fee for a transaction. But for your benefit, we do not push you toward one vehicle over another for selfish purposes. Frankly, we don’t have any bias. We only hope to provide an excellent experience.
    Who can use Deliver My Ride?
    Anyone who lives in the state of Michigan.
    Where are you located?
    Our offices are located in Pontiac, Michigan, about 30 miles outside of Detroit.
    Do you sell my data to third-parties?
    We are not a lead provider so we never sell your information, meaning you will never get calls from anyone trying to sell you a car. We simply are here to provide you with the information and direction you need during your car buying journey.
    Am I buying a car from the dealership or Deliver My Ride?
    The dealer is the official sales agent. They own the cars and they alone have the legal ability to sell you a new car based on franchise laws. All vehicles carry their manufacturer’s warranty, giving you confidence in the car you buy. Deliver My Ride facilitates the transaction by providing a convenient platform to view live inventory and pricing. We communicate with a network of dealers to acquire their inventory and pricing rules, so you can shop anonymously, not as a lead sold to multiple dealerships.
    How do you work with the dealership?
    Our dealership partners are critical to our success. We tie into their inventory system to display real-time inventory, prices, rebates and incentives. The dealer is also tied to your account for any service, maintenance, and warranty needs that you may have, though you are welcome to visit any franchised dealer for these needs as well.
    How can I contact Deliver My Ride if I have a question?
    Call us at (855) 675-7301 or email
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