Pull Up A Couch

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Why go to a dealership when you can kick back on your couch and buy your next car online? We know you’re busy and taking time away from work or family isn’t necessary. So avoid the showroom and spend more time in your living room.  Fill out a quick questionnaire about the kind of car you want, the incentives you’re eligible for and how you want to finance it.



Anonymously Shop Dealer Inventory

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Anonymous, now that sounds good. Technology allows us to transfer your vehicle request to multiple dealers, but keep your identity private. This way, they are motivated to give you a great price. In fact, our customers repeatedly get lower offers than other sites that send you to the showroom.  Can you buy a car the old fashioned way and save a few bucks? Possibly, but what is your time and sanity worth?

Review Competitive Offers

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At your convenience, review and compare easy to read offers. Avoid the salesperson staring at you with his puppy dog eyes, begging you to say the words, “I’ll take it.”  Your quotes come directly from the manager’s desk, based on real time inventory, with no hidden numbers. So just like those books you bought on Amazon, now you can click and buy a brand new car too. Sound like a plan?


Accept Delivery At Your Home or Office

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Now for the big reveal… we deliver the car directly to you.  No more waiting for the paperwork to get printed.  No more looking around for your salesman to reappear.  No more last minute sales pitches.  No more traditional car buying.

Imagine seeing your next car, all shiny and new, pull slowly into your driveway.  You’re leaning against the front door, sipping a coffee, relaxed.  Take it for a quick spin, sign a few docs, and we’re gone. Easy peasy, fast and easy.

We believe that keeping you out of the dealership 100% is the key to 100% satisfaction. Buying a car never felt so good.


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