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Benefits to Both Dealers and Buyers

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Unlike other third party providers who sell poorly conditioned leads, drive down profits, and disparage the dealership, Deliver My Ride offers an actual benefit to both parties in a new car transaction. While others simply aggregate a customer’s personal information, create a sellable prospect and send the customer to a local dealership, Deliver My Ride provides a digital platform where customers and dealers interact anonymously until the transaction is complete. Customers conveniently shop and buy from their home or office and dealers cost effectively earn supplemental sales volume.

Anonymously Shop Dealer Inventory

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We don’t publish your pricing or give customers unrealistic expectations. Instead, we allow you to quote individual customers personally and anonymously, and allow the customer to choose among complete, comparable quotes. No need to play the negotiation game or spend days nurturing leads just to set up a test drive. Just submit your best quote on a vehicle that meets the customer’s needs and let us do the rest.

Revolutionizing the Car Buying Experience

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Now is the right time for this service.  Dealers are under attack from digital disrupters in Silicon Valley trying to change the car buying process with little to no industry knowledge. This is due to a growing consumer demand for choice, transparency, competitive pricing, and convenience. We’re here to disrupt the disruptors, give opportunity back to dealers, and put the fun back in car buying for customers.

The Overall Cost Is Nothing

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Deliver My Ride allows the car buyer to log on, submit a quote request and receive multiple, competitive bids directly from dealers who want their business. We provide the dealer with a detailed customer profile, complete with incentive eligibility and vehicle options.  They receive a potential low-funnel prospect, pay nothing for the opportunity, and move a vehicle from their inventory. The overall cost is nothing more than the equivalent of a salesman’s commission.

Sell Your Cars At Great Prices

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We’ll deliver you any and all prospects interested in your brand that are within driving distance of your store. This means you’ll have the chance to win deals with customers outside your geographic territory who you otherwise would not have met. You’ll also have the opportunity to conquest by quoting customers looking at competitive brands. Deliver My Ride can also help you move stale inventory. Have a vehicle that has been sitting on your lot for months? 91% of customers say price is the most important factor to them when buying a car. Put a great price on it, submit it as a quote to a matching customer, and you’ll likely sell it within a few hours. We only get paid if you get paid, and the overall cost is nothing more than the equivalent of a salesperson’s commission.

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So what are you waiting for? Contact us today and become part of our network. With Deliver My Ride, your new deal is just a click away.

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