General Questions

What is Deliver My Ride?

Deliver My Ride is the modern way to buy or lease a new vehicle. We offer visibility into local dealer inventory, pricing, rebates and financing options, all without having to leave your home. We even deliver (for free!) to your home or office.

How does Deliver My Ride work?

Simply browse dealer inventory, select equipment that is important to you, and compare multiple brands to find the best deal. Once you land on the right car, review current rebates and calculate your lease or purchase payment using our advanced tools. Avoid salesmanship and pressure at the dealership by doing it all yourself. We even facilitate the financing if needed by using the same finance sources as the dealer and more. Structure your entire deal online and the dealer will draw up your paperwork and deliver your vehicle at the time and place convenient to you.

Is there a fee for using this service?

Nothing. Zip. Zilch. Zero. In fact, we save you money. As an alternate sales channel, we replace the salesperson and reduce the cost to the dealer, passing the savings to you. Since we don’t work for any one dealer and aren’t working on a commission percentage, we stay unbiased throughout the entire buying process. With Deliver My Ride, nobody sells you a car, you buy the car that’s right for you.

Where are you located?

Our offices are located in Pontiac, Michigan, about 30 miles outside of Detroit.

Is your site secure?

Yes. We use the latest security features to keep your contact information private and safe.

Do you sell my data to third-parties?

We are not a lead provider so we never sell your information, meaning you will never get calls from anyone trying to sell you a car. We simply are here to provide you with the information and direction you need during your car buying journey.

How do you work with the dealership?

Our dealership partners are critical to our success. We tie into their inventory system to display real-time inventory, prices, rebates and incentives. The dealer is also tied to your account for any service, maintenance, and warranty needs that you may have, though you are welcome to visit any franchised dealer for these needs as well.

How can I contact Deliver My Ride if I have a question?

Car Shopping and Buying Questions

Where does the car inventory come from?

Deliver My Ride is not a dealer and we do not take possession of the vehicle. You purchase directly from a franchised new car dealer. We facilitate the transaction and keep you informed and anonymous in the process.

Can I compare several brands in one place?

Yes! That is one of the greatest benefits of Deliver My Ride! Unlike dealer sites where you can only see one brand, we are independent of the manufacturer so we can show all makes and models together. We use technology to normalize features on a car so you can compare like vehicles among various brands.

Can I test drive before buying?

Of course. The best way is to drive the car upon delivery, before you sign for it. If you don’t like it, no problem, we will take it back to the dealership. If you need to be sure in advance, we recommend that you visit dealers near your home or office and indicate that you are in the discovery phase and intend to drive several cars but don’t wish to take up their time negotiating numbers. In many cases, calling ahead will give them time to have a car pulled up and ready to test drive.

Do you accept trade-ins?

We can facilitate the process. This is a feature we are currently developing.

What do I do with my lease car?

Typically, the new dealer will handle the return. You will need to verify the lease condition and will be responsible for any excess damage or mileage.

How can I finance my new car purchase?

Delivery My Ride uses a secure application form that submits your credit information to various lenders. Approval typically takes a few minutes.

What if I want to pay cash?

The dealer will gladly accept cash. Simply indicate through the Deliver My Ride platform that you intend to pay cash and the dealer will indicate the format, typically certified funds from your bank.

How will I receive my new car?

This is our favorite part. First, tell us when and where you want it delivered. Then, we will send a certified Deliver My Ride representative over to explain the vehicle features and deliver your new car.

Is there a shipping charge?

No, your new vehicle will be delivered to your home or office for no additional charge.

What if I have questions?

We offer a ton of support. In fact, that’s our primary role. If you have questions, call, chat or email us. If we don’t know the answer right away, we’ll find it and respond quickly.

What if I have bad credit?

Your credit may be denied but you may be able to contact the dealer directly to see what can be worked out.

What if I change my mind?

No problem. Cancel the transaction at any time, even if the car is in your driveway. We know there are lots of reasons you might change your mind over such an expensive transaction. It’s all about what’s best for you, not the salesman or dealer.

Pricing, Rebates, and Incentives

Is pricing competitive?

The pricing our customers receive is very competitive. We constantly compare our pricing with other sites and encourage our dealers to do the same so only the most competitive prices are displayed. What we can’t control are TV and newspaper ads that flash a low price, but include small print disclaimers.

Will I get a great deal?

By comparing multiple brands side by side, you will see if any vehicles have deep discounts and large rebates. This is hard to do by driving around. We’ve seen where similar vehicles are thousands of dollars apart due to incentives.

Can I compare prices from multiple dealerships?

Yes. This is the basis of our value. We typically have 75-100 dealers’ inventory listed on our site. We don’t bother showing the dealer’s name because it’s all about the deal, not the dealer.

Can I use my employee/military, etc., discount?

Absolutely! You can do anything on our site that you can do at the dealer. If you qualify for a rebate or discount provided by the manufacturer, then you qualify on our site as well.

Can I negotiate the price?

Our site was designed to eliminate the hassle and haggle of the negotiation process. If you want to get into the weeds and negotiate, our site is probably not your thing. And that’s fine. Many people feel that they need to do the dealer dance and bicker back and forth with the manager. But there is very little margin in new cars anymore, so you need to decide if driving all over town to possibly save a couple hundred is worth your time.

Can I apply manufacturer’s incentives and rebates?

For sure. And we expose them all to you. Nothing is hidden and we go to great lengths to expose all the rebates so you don’t miss out.

Service and Maintenance

Is my car under warranty?

It sure is. Your new car is untitled and fully warranted by the manufacturer. Again, we do not change the designation of your purchase simply because we facilitated the transaction. In the end, you are still technically buying your car from a franchised dealer in accordance with the new car franchise laws.

How do I service my new car?

We recommend that you use the dealer who registered your sale if their dealership is near your home or office. If your car came from a dealer further away, because they gave the best price, then simply make arrangements with your nearby dealer. They are all bound by their dealer agreement to service all cars under warranty.