What is AccuPricing?


is our approach to eliminate the confusion associated with the car buying process by providing complete and honest pricing upfront. Every price shown on Deliver My Ride includes all standard rebates, dealer fees and taxes. The price can only go down by applying additional incentives and employee discounts if eligible—it will never go up at delivery.

Why is AccuPricing important?

Have you ever...

been drawn into a dealership after seeing an ad for $99 a month just to get in the door and learn that the extra rebates don't apply to you, a large down payment is required and taxes and fees are extra?! You went in expecting a $99 price (they got you in the door!) but now your price is actually $299 a month plus, plus, plus. Pretty disappointing.

How can you compare offers?

Vehicle to Vehicle, Brand to Brand...

You can compare offers from one vehicle/brand to the next if they all have differing rules. The consistency and transparency of our pricing/payments allows you to quickly compare which deal is best for you.

Surprises? Never!

What you see is what you get...

surprises will never happen at Deliver My Ride. The price you see, is the highest price you will be charged and it includes all taxes and fees. Our prices may look higher initially because we show you the real prices (not the unattainable $99/month, get you in the door price!). We include all taxes and fees in the price upfront when the dealer typically does not show you this until the time of delivery. Rest assured, you are still getting all eligible rebates available at any dealership.

Our AccuPricing Promise

We guarantee a 100% transparent price upfront so there are no disappointing surprises at the end.