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About Deliver My Ride

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There must be a better way!

That's what we said! And so have millions of other Americans who are looking for a modern car buying experience. Deliver My Ride creates a convenient, unbiased, and pressure-free way to buy or lease a new car online. We offer visibility into local dealer inventory, pricing, manufacturer rebates and multiple financing options, all without having to leave your home. We even deliver (for free!) to your home or office.

Our Story

After a 30 year career in and around the car business, Deliver My Ride’s founder Mike McInerney found himself on the consumer’s side of the deal. “I wanted to buy a car for my daughter a couple years after leaving the retail car business and experienced first hand how difficult the car buying process could be as a consumer. I searched the web looking for a fast, easy and transparent way to compare different vehicle brands, prices and incentives. Every site either directed me to a dealership or sold my information, which led to weeks of unwanted calls and emails…it was frustrating. So I set out to fix the problem through my knowledge of the car business and utilizing modern technology.”

Determined to change the way we buy cars, he huddled with bright technology minds, such as Compuware Founder Peter Karmanos, developed a network of innovative, like-minded dealerships, and created Deliver My Ride as an alternative to the traditional car buying process.

We Promise

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We Won’t Sell You Out

We are not a lead generation site for dealerships like most other sites. If a web site asks for your contact information, promising that you won’t be spammed – you will be spammed. At Deliver My Ride, you shop privately and control the purchase process 100% online. That means no annoying texts, emails, or phone calls – ever.

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No Fooling Around

Are you a helicopter pilot, ski-patrol surgeon, and a recent college grad who just happens to be an astronaut? Probably not. That’s why full transparency matters when car shopping. Advertised prices look too good to be true -because they always are. At Deliver My Ride, you won’t see a full-sized luxury SUV for $79/month because we won’t fool you. Instead, the price you see is the price you’ll pay.

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100% dealer inventory

Deliver My Ride is not a dealership, but we display thousands of cars from dealership inventory that you can buy right now. Not only can you review current inventory, but also discounted pricing, rebates, finance/lease options, and all taxes and fees. We will only provide real prices, not estimates, so you can have confidence in your purchase choice. And every vehicle is fully protected by the manufacturer’s warranty. We even deliver (for free) to your home or office.

What does Deliver My Ride Cost?

Nothing. Zip. Zilch. Zero. In fact, we save you money. As an alternate sales channel, we replace the salesperson and reduce the cost to the dealer, passing the savings to you. Since we don’t work for any one dealer and aren’t working on a commission percentage, we stay unbiased throughout the entire buying process. With Deliver My Ride, nobody sells you a car, you buy the car that’s right for you.

Who's behind Deliver My Ride?

How does today's consumer really want to buy a new vehicle? That's the question we focused on while developing Deliver My Ride. We are influencers, data experts and automotive insiders who teamed up to create a world-class site with you, the actual customer, in mind.

The men and women involved in this process each shared unique car buying experiences, good and bad. The team spent many hours researching and testing to bring together the best sources of data to give our customers the most complete set of results related to their individual vehicle buying needs.

All of these factors were combined to help us craft a great A site that we consider an ideal vehicle buying experience. A site that we would want to use for ourselves. We sincerely hope you feel the same.

Michael McInerney
Mary Velucci
Mark Hillman
Business Strategy
Laura Fournier
Peter Karmanos
Rick Gutierrez
UX & Design
Gina Morrow
Customer Success
Graham Sutcliffe
Sara Wright
Peter Schmitt
Digital Strategy