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It’s so easy – you can buy a new car in 20 minutes.

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Shop how and when you want! The process takes as little as 20-minutes. View and compare brands side-by-side. With refinement tools, find features and equipment quickly. All vehicles are available on a dealer lot near you.

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We only work with the largest dealers within 150 miles of your home. Why, because they have the most inventory and they sell their vehicles for the lowest prices. Can you jump in your car, roll up your sleeves and duke it out with the local Chevy dealer? Sure, but that doesn’t mean you will get a better deal. According to the National Auto Dealer Association, in 2018 the average profit on a new vehicle was a loss of $570. Car dealers simply don’t make their money just by selling a new car. They make money from car loans, warranties, servicing and repairing vehicles. So buy or lease your new car right here and save both money and time.

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